“Bad Romance”


4:02 am This song is playing as I start this post <3 Goes right along with what I want to write about :) I am LOVIN the synchronicities <3 I made a post in a group introducing myself and offering free readings. I did not expect to get all the LOVE that I have been getting. I have helped several people already. So amazing. Some of them just wanted to talk for a couple minutes, some wanted some advice on very personal issues and lots have wanted a free tarot reading and birth chart. Awesomeness

<3 I am even getting a free gift from someone who is thankful for me helping out others, she does not want anything in return <3

I knew I could find more people like me out there. And I have found many. Well, we have found each other. It takes two. And why am I writing ?? Apparently there is some confusion on who my crush is. I did stay in the psyche ward twice and meet two different guys. I also said that I had fallen in love with the first one, Piano Man. But if I were still crushing on him, I would be calling him the Piano Man or Connecticut or the Hermit. No, I'm crushing on his twin. Who really isn't his twin, if they were brothers, they would not be identical twins. I really do think they were in another life tho. No doubt in my mind. I believe they both have Taurus Ascendants and Leo Suns. And Gemini something, perhaps their Moons or Mercury ?? I have a Gemini Moon and communicate telepathically with it, would totally make sense for it to be one of those planets.

Anyway, yes, I do love Connecticut. And I did fall for him but it wasn't true love. He didn't feel the same and didn't talk to me much. In fact, he ignored me several times in front of others, making sure I noticed. But he did care, he did listen when we were alone, he totally believed and understood what was happening with me. He even said that he wished he could help. He didn't realize he already was and had been almost his entire life. It's been awhile since I've mentioned my very first vacation. The first state I spent the night in, that was not the one I was born in or lived in. In Connecticut. And I just bet it was near him. It was around the time he was one year old. Plus, the next state I stayed in was Massachusetts. Yes, Connecticut has been there between us along. He felt me. He told me the first day we stayed in the Psyche Ward, his first words to me. Forcing me to look in his eyes. And I couldn't stop watching him for the rest of my stay.

I really do want to see him again. I want to hug him and thank him. A real big hug. I will probably cry. Happy tears of course. I'm pretty damn sure I will be visiting the state Connecticut in the near future, there is a big crystal shop up there somewhere. And I'm hoping to go with my crush. I know that Piano Man will feel me, maybe he's even reading this from time to time, I do feel him sometimes. And I'm sure he will make it a point to see me. He did come here to Danville, PA and help me save myself.

No, my crush is the 'twin.' Too many signs for it not to be. Like the meme above, the featured pic for this post. I totally felt Him when I read that meme, His lips are the ones I want for my tattoo. I definitely want to look in His eyes, I am ready now, my answer to Kaleo's "Way Down We Go." And He doesn't have a nickname, He's too awesome. We watched Lady Gaga perform at the Superbowl together, one of my fave people in the World. He sat with His parents, my mother and I at the next table. Eating veggies and dip, we love our fresh, healthy foods. We went for more together (three times) so that we could be close to each other, close enough to touch but didn't. (oh yeah, the hospital gave us free food for the Superbowl) We tried not to stare at each other too much, it's good that He sat with His back to me, forcing me to look at His parents: He was the one who needed to look at them and stand up to them. And He has that one tattoo, only one, Anomaly. Have you looked up what it means ?? It is so Him. And He can give me twins.

That's one of the hold ups here. He didn't want kids. Then He met me. I'm everything He wants and more. But He didn't expect me to be older, He even teased me about it. Nor does He want kids. But He is thinking about it now. In my last dream about Him, He told me so, when we were kissing. Plus I have been forced to think about Him and it makes me dream about Him. I feel Him but He hasn't realized that He can feel me. Especially being where He is. He's lucky. Lucky that Connecticut helped, I went in that psyche ward the second time with thoughts of not talking to anyone, especially a male. But He was one of the first people I saw when I was wheeled in there and I ended up talking to almost everyone in there again. All I could think about after first laying my eyes on Him, was how badly I wanted to shower because I did not want Him to see me that way. I was a hot mess and very lost. He's lucky I'm patient and busy now. He's just damn Lucky 

I can not wait till the day He is here. The cards say it will be very, very soon :)

Carol Riley



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