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12:03 pm (started, disruptions made it done around 5:05 pm) I was wondering what to write when I opened my blog and read my comments. Anyone following me on social media knows that a guy pissed me off the other day. We met in comments somewhere. I think an empath group. Then I get a comment on my blog that says I don't do anything with magick. Ok....what the fuck. Trying to bring me down. Please. You want to hear about magick?? This guy and I emailed for I think two hours while I took a salt bath. I still wonder if he knew I was naked in the tub the whole time...hahaha. We were connecting also. He was reading me, talking to me about my grandpa and many other things he shouldn't have known. At all. It was intense and amazing.

It started out like my new soul sister, heated magnets with an amazing connection. See....I can't be creative by making a story up but I sure can make my stories colorful with words. Anyway, many hours later, I was notified that this guy made a post in that group since we were now friends so I checked it out. There were already 50+ comments. I liked a few, replied to a couple. One or two that he had also. He ended up pissed. We replied on someone else's comment at least 20 times together, just him and I. I ended up blocking him and the post. I almost cried. Not cool.

Well he was a Capricorn. He inspired my post about the Devil tarot card. Well, it wasn't long after blocking this guy that my dog ran away at 2 am. I was cooking meat for chili and doing dishes. The dog was gone for about 25 minutes. Of course I checked the guy whose field we walk in. The dog goes that way more often and gets too close to the road.

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Meditated in my field with these today


Stupid me walked down the driveway with no light. It's almost a new Moon, it was Pitch Black. I almost fell in some of the holes and was a bit freaked out at all the spirits I could feel. And of course, my dog wasn't down there. I walked back home to get my car because I was not walking the other way to my Capricorn Uncle's in the middle of The Dark Knight. (I might get shot)

Are you believing yet ?? Of course my dog was down there and came running up to my car as soon as I got to the end, where I have to turn around. He actually got in the car too, with his head down and no help. He hates car rides. I still don't know why he runs away but won't come back on his own.

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Well many hours later, some friends came over. The driver asked if she could bring B, I asked if it was the B who had commented on one of her posts just the other day. No, it's not that B. "Ok, whatever." The three show up. It's my old best friend's daughter's dad. Get that ?? We've hung out before. He has a daughter with the Blonde Leo Lady who was practicing Love Spells, asking me for help but not listening. What fun that was. Can you feel the sarcasm ?? I don't like to fuck with LOVE.

You believing the Magick yet ?? My Twin Flame is a Leo. My Leo Blonde Lady helped me learn birth charts and told me I should be with a Leo. I've tried out a few. I'm pretty fucking sure I found the right one. My Leo Lady and B are still best friends. I don't remember how often they talk. B was anxious, full of anxiety. After awhile, he finally remembered me. And all the times we've talked. I believe the first time was when I lived in Bloomsburg for 7 months.

That college town getting destroyed right now by the very students who bring the town business and money. How many years are they going to let that go on ?? Can you find any evidence or have any pics/videos of the year that the Bloomsburg college students destroyed that armored police vehicle ?? While my three friends sat here last night, I looked but could not find anything on Youtube or google. Where did it go ??

Now I'm getting side tracked. B is a Capricorn. Oh yeah. B and my Blonde Lady Leo's daughter and my daughter have astral projected together many times, as well as with her mom and I. That's right, all four of us females. We all remembered it, talked about it. We were at a bar. That's all I remember. It was like ten years ago or more.

In the mean time, I join an astral projection group. I scroll thru and start doing what I do.....commenting and replying to comments with my Sag Truth and boldness. Most people LOVE it and give me light and love. Some have become my friend. Some have joined my empath group or followed one of my business pages. Some have helped heal my dog. The Lady who helped my dog was very open about it, in the big empath group we are in. She's an Aquarius. We met in that empath group too. I commented on someone's post about getting amethyst for their nightmares. A little while later, someone else posted in the same group that they woke up and their amethyst, which they keep next to their bed, had disappeared over night.

Well, about five minutes after reading that, this Lady comments on the nightmare post...."I found the Amethyst, Carol has it".....I replied to her "ha...are you the one who lost yours a little bit ago ??"...."NO, I just had to stir"....So I did the same, went to her page and stalked her. Started liking shit. Went back to the comments and replied to her that I was sorry I was stalking her but I thought she seemed cool. She replied "I'm not cool.....I'm Awesome. Do you want to be friends?"..."Yes". Then I posted on her wall that I still didn't know her bday now that we are friends. "Aquarius." Another one. Like I don't know enough. HAHAHAHA

And you say I don't have Magick. Of course I talked to my Blonde Leo Lady after B left. I sent him off with some Selenite and Black Tourmaline. After he reminded me that his mom reads tarot cards. She did mine at my Blonde's apartment once. Many years ago. All she would tell me was that I would have a choice between two. That's it. Perfect time to remember that. As I poke at a guy in the astral group. He commented that he killed Lucifer in Astral. I replied "you mean your devil"...."no" he says, almost immediately, it was Lucifer.

Hmmm.....What a long, interesting post that turned into. I told him that he was a child in my eyes, I wouldn't help him (he was looking for a wizard). He didn't like that. Said he didn't want my help anyway. But he's emailing me right now as I write about him, many hours later. HAHAHA

Yes, another heated argument with a male. I ended up telling him that he reminded me of the Piano Man. He said "Billy Joel ??" "no" I replied "His name is Mike, he's 28 and from Connecticut"....He replies "cool" That was it for awhile. But then Karma; others joined in on picking on him. HAHAHA Yeah....a few of us teased him about witches. He was the one who told everyone that he dated a witch who ran a coven. I brought it up later, letting him know I was paying attention. As did some other fellow "witches." Anyone notice I removed that title from my profiles ?? I'm so much more than that. Yeah....there's a purple hooded wizard painted next to a castle down there at my Capricorn Uncles, where I picked up my dog at 2:30 Scorpio father is in that wizard every time I look at it. This new "Twin" who "killed Lucifer" is in Erie and a Scorpio. Like my father And my daughter. HMMMM

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Scorpio is Tarot card 13, Death. Scorpio means I Desire. Tarot card 14 is Sag., Temperance. Sag. means I See. Sag. is my Rising Sign. Tall and skinny. Tarot 15 is Capricorn the Devil. Capricorn means I use. I have nothing in Capricorn, except some family members. Tarot 16 is the Tower, Karma's 2nd phase. Forced Change. Tarot 17 is Aquarius the Star. Aquarius means I Know. The Star means Hope. It's my Sun Sign. Tarot 18 is Cancer the Moon. Cancer means I Feel. It opposes Capricorn. The Moon represents our mind, the way we think and how we deal with our emotions. I have nothing in Cancer either but I sure do feel a lot from all of you. Tarot 19 is The Sun. Happiness. Our North Node. Mine is Leo so I used the Leo symbol ;) Tarot card 20 is Judgement. Karma's 3rd and Final phase. Tarot card 21, the last in Major Arcana is the World and it stinks right now

I could go on but I think that's enough magick on here for today.....these dogs haven't been in the field since my boy injured his shoulder. I thank my new Aquarius Lady Friend Janet whom I met in an Empath group, she accused me of stealing someone's amethyst :O just to stir things up. We became friends in like 4 comments because she is Awesome like me. And an Aquarius Empath Healing Stone Lover who lives in North Wales.....So....who is the wizard ??

BTW....I am in Love with my group, my friends' Alliance group run by Gemini's and my astral group. Having so much fun. Seriously wondering if I did steal that girl's Amethyst and which one is it, I have many........

3 Amethyst pieces on that White Agate Thumb Stone. The 2 raw pieces are from mining at Knoebel's, I have no clue where the polished one came from ???

Carol Riley



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