“Things That Make You Go Hmmm”

2:10 pm Remember that song ?? What an oldie, are you singing it now ??? HAHA Totally fitting for this. It is has been a very interesting few days. Very entertaining. First the guys being creeps and idiots. Like that Ryan. Ugh...I was debating on whether to even talk about it, but he was literally just tagged in a post that I'm commenting on and following. GRR.....He said that I don't know what I want and should make up my mind. Obviously he wasn't paying attention. I am a Healer. So, I do whatever the person healing needs. A reading, a hair cut, perhaps they need some stones, who fucking knows. Just like with Ryan. I helped him by talking. That is all. He even got it for free. Lucky him.

I do know what I want however, I want to continue being a healer and a mom. As for my writing, like this blog here, I could care less if I make money off it. It would be wonderful, sure, but it's not my dream. This is just a hobby. Just like my stories on Wattpad. It's free. I post for free, you read for free, no money involved. And of course I would totally be happy if I didn't even need to make money. It's just paper. But unfortunately I need to eat and provide for my daughter.

Now, what I really want to talk about, Dreams. So much talk about it lately. And so much confusion. I am so tired of people trying to tell me how it works. I have been using my dreams and astral projection my whole life, I don't need help, they do. I know what dreams mean and I know exactly how life works. I'm not getting into it here, it's a touchy subject and not meant to be discussed fully with everyone. I would like to talk about my dream this morning. "I was in the backseat of a car, in the middle, between my daughter and Donnie. My daughter and I were on phones and talking to each other. Donnie had his hand on my leg, his head resting on me, napping. Then, all of a sudden, I was in an apartment with some chic telling me to leave him alone, says he doesn't like me. So I went to a bedroom, she followed and continued saying that. I almost started crying"  I made myself wake up. I do not like crying in dreams. Crying in real life is good and healing. I have cried lots and still do. But dreams, they are suppose to be happy, they are suppose to be mine. This chic pulled me into hers and tried to hurt me.

How do I know ?? I could see her very clearly. I know what she looks like. I don't know her in real life tho. And I was happy in the car with my kid and Donnie. To me, it was signifying that we were taking a journey together, far away from this Hell that we are in. Then I was suddenly in an apartment that I did not recognize and tried to leave. But I was stuck....in someone else's dream. Hers. So I had to wake up. I believe she is His ex. I don't know about His past, nor do I care, it's the past. But I'm fairly confidant that she cheated on Him but still wants Him. And that's just too bad for her. He is like me, once you break that trust, it's over.

Anyway. Another reason that I know I'm on the right path, I hadn't remembered a dream for 10 days. I write them down, so I know. It was mostly that Ryan kid. He wanted me and thought about me and got in my way. Once I got rid of him, things got better in Real Life. Then I had to deal with that Noah creep. He admitted that he had been watching me for a few days !!! Said he saw that I was a healer but never asked for healing. Only got pissed at me when I told him what he needed anyway. That jerk got even more mad and had the nerve to go to my wall and post a nasty comment on the pic of my beautiful, innocent cat :( Jerk. And just as I blocked him and made a post about it, one of my high school friends commented on it. One that rarely ever comments or likes anything on anyone's page, ever. How is that significant ?? His brother's name is Noah. Synchronicity, not coincidence.

So really, I don't need to be told what to do. I need everyone to stand down and get out of my way. I'm trying to help My Man. He is new to all of this and needs as much energy as I can give, without anyone standing in our way. We are almost there, the dream about the car ride says so. And so do my horoscopes and tarot readings, even the tarot readings that others are doing for everyone. So really, I got this. And all you negative nancy's and naysayers and demon slayers better get the fuck out of my way !!! I am here to Love. To give Love, to teach Love and find Love. If you have a problem with that, then you don't deserve to be in My Heaven. And for that girl, she better learn that the best way to love someone is to let them be happy. And He will be with me. I think he is awesome and I already love him. But I want to fall in love with him and make him happy, so bitch please, get the fuck lost and let him find happiness.

Carol Riley



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