“She Talks to Angels”

10:42 pm By The Black Crowes.....I have always LOVEd this song. My fave song by them. In fact, I think I only like two of their songs. I picked this song today for so many reasons. I've been saying it's ME for almost two years now. And last nights dream makes me believe it even more. Especially since that Scorpio keeps asking for a "White Witch who talks to Angels." Oh how I wish I could put a rolling eyes emoticon right here, just for him. He's just like my daughter and hates when I use them. LOL

Anyway, he doesn't even read this, not yet anyway. And he never takes my advice.....I want to talk about last nights dream....I'm so happy. I'm going to put my dream in italics, I haven't figured out how to change the font yet. So here goes.....  I was inside His parents house. I could not see their faces, I'm not sure who they were, I just knew that I was in my Twin Flames parents house. First I was on the couch, then sitting in a chair in the kitchen. It kept going back and forth like that, living room to kitchen, for maybe ten minutes, maybe more; I can't tell time in my 'dreams,' nor do I care because I Hate time. (wow, I do Hate something) Then I was standing in the kitchen, looking at a baby boy in a car seat. A girl put her hand on my shoulder, I looked at her and she talked to ME. Now, if you're new here, I don't usually hear people talking. I was having conversations with His parents but couldn't hear a word. Till this girl talked to ME. She said "I believe that you are a good match for my brother and that he will be happy with you." Then I looked back at the baby but there were two boys in car seats this time. I smiled, then woke up.

Wow. I woke up so fucking happy, it was almost 6:30 am, time to make sure my daughter is awake for school. She gets so mad at me every morning when I swing her door open and ask her if she's up yet. Sometimes she is sitting on her bed, talking to her friends and I get the most evil glare with the words "get out." So much like ME at thirteen. Lucky for her, I'm not mad and crazy all the time like my mother. My mother bought herself a camper. One that has to be hooked to a truck to move. Yeah, that thing is probably not moving for a long time. Good thing I'm ready to leave this place. I'm getting flashbacks of when my daughter was a newborn and my uncle and his friends finally tore down the full size trailer that use to sit there. It was full of junk for as long as I could remember. My mom put it all in my carport. My uncle and cousin stole anything out of it worth value when my mother and I both worked. I was friends with my neighbors back then so they told on him.

Anyway, I use this word too much, anyone got an idea on a better word than anyway ?? HAHA The more I type this and talk about it, the more Facebook friends I have talking about dreams and astral projection and crystals....I just know that I'm on the right path. While I'm on the subject, if you are reading this and want to comment about this particular post, please pay attention, everyone is posting comments on the home page, talking about a particular blog post but not giving details just saying "great post, I'm reading more." Therefore I don't know which one they are talking about. There should be a spot at the end of this post for commenting on this particular blog post. If you comment on the blog page with all the posts, your comment will go to the home page. I can't change that, get it ?? I hope so.......keep scrolling.....

MY crystal grid for this Full Moon. It's for Love, Money and Healing  <3 

I copied a money grid, an astrology grid and MY Birth Chart <3

My interpretation of my dream......I believe that I'm right about my Twin Flame. I haven't shared this thought before: I think He is so sad because He was suppose to have had a Twin for Real. Who wasn't even born. And I believe that was her visiting me in my dream, letting me know that I'm right and she approves. I had to think about it for awhile, I almost had a twin, so I wasn't too sure. But she said 'her brother' so it had to be His sister not mine. I am so very happy. Especially when I got to ride by the hospital where I'm pretty damn sure My crush still is and was most likely asleep by then.

He always went to bed early when we were together. I wonder often if He knew that I went to bed not long after Him and would fall asleep with my palm against the wall where His head was.......always waking before Him and so freaking happy when the nurses left His door open. I could see Him sleeping as I walked out to the breakfast room plus He would wake up sooner from the hall lights :))

So today I was sitting in the car outside the Gatehouse, next to that hospital, thinking about Him while my friend grabbed some of her stuff. When a song I never heard before came on the radio. I don't care for Ed Sheeran's music but his lyrics are amazing. This one is just perfect, "Castle on the Hill." So many things behind those words, the title and the lyrics. The radio plays for me around here. This house is so special for so many reasons. But I've lived here for around 35 years, living on my own a few times before deciding that I needed to be here for awhile. Now I know that I have absorbed all the power and energy from this place, fixed a really old broken heart (the Lovers Leap Indian Girl whose name has still evaded me) and I'm ready to go out there to share this energy and am able to protect my own energy with the physical help of my Twin Flame, who is going to be here real soon. I want to add the kiss emoji here

P.S. 3:05 am .....I got to ride by that hospital again. Dark out. Took some interesting pics. Realized that I never explained the talking to Angels part. Since the Scorpio read this post and was confused, he thought that I was saying he was my Twin Flame. LMAO. You can't give me twins :P No, I believe that Donnie is. And I believe that the girl in my dream was His Angel sister. I have Tony Angels, so many that I'm going to work on a list, then write a post about all of them. I have a couple Michael's now also, all talented musicians. So I'm just saying that I can help that Scorpio and I try to, goodness do I try. But he refuses to listen. I've got some music playing right now, Spotify on my phone, free, so I have to shuffle and let it pick for me.....I'm ending with one of my fave that just started, "Indian Summer" by John Eaton, album title, Washington, D.C.: Made In America.....Thank you again Michael from Connecticut.

Carol Riley



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