“Love Game”

10:20 pm I have always believed and still do, "Life's a Game made for Everyone, And Love is the Prize".....so if this Scorpio Ryan would just pay attention. Those lyrics are from the song "Wake Me Up" by Avicii and is on the main page of my website, mysticstarlite.com. Absolutely 100 how I feel. The song starts "Feeling my way through the darkness, Guided by a beating Heart," exactly what I've been doing my whole life and I told Ryan, I am a Cupid and he was in my way. I kept sending him the Facebook sticker with the dog who has an arrow in his butt, a frown and is shaking his head NO. I said that it was him. But he didn't believe me. Not my problem anymore. I got him to block me.....hahaha....but he let me spew and tell him all about what I Believe. Lots and lots. For like almost 48 hours. LOL

Yes, I was shocked at how long this kid let me pester the Hell out of him with My Preaching about Life. LOL  Pun there for my kid. She Loves puns. And she hates me right now. Which is why I had to preach to this kid. He's a Scorpio and just like her. He wasn't ready to Believe yet either, just like my kid. But unlike her, he was ready to listen. And he did. Till he got sick of me turning him down for sex. HA. Then he had enough and blocked me. Bet he will be apologizing soon. Oh yeah, he will fall in Love and thank me, they always do.

It was Fun....dealing with this reflection of my daughter. Ryan wanted to know how I know that I'm on the right path but as soon as I said he was one of the reasons, he got pissed and blocked me. So I'm going to tell YOU. For one, he was absolutely a reflection of my daughter. She is hating on Me right now and wishing I was not around...This boy is having nightmares about it and he's telling me about it. But he doesn't Believe it. Oh well, not my problem, I gave the message, he will get it one day. Just like that Scorpio I dated, this one likes to read and hear about My Mind....he will continue to follow me and see what I'm up to. He only blocked me because he finally admitted to me that he likes several girls and wants to fuck me....so of course I told him that was not how it works and he shouldn't think about anyone but the one he wants to Love. My daughter made this picture for me on some app while I was telling this boy to get lost. She sent it to my phone for me to upload as soon as he blocked me. HAHAHAHA.....her soul knows, I read (pronounced reed) birth charts and astrology, but here and now, in this physical plane that I'm helping make My Reality, my daughter knows that I will share her artwork with everyone because she has her own World to share things with. Here's her Art that she made for Ryan and ME..... to prove that I have found my True Love:


I Am the cat, grabbing My Star, my True Love.....we are all Stars, made of stardust, making our dreams come true

If you still like what I'm saying, Thank You for reading and learning with Me. Since Ryan asked me why I think Donnie is the One, then blocked me before I could answer, just proves I Am right. I have to tell all of You My story, not this little brat who doesn't care about my personal life. Seriously, he didn't even ask why I am not with Donnie, nope, this Scorpio just wanted me to go see him. Didn't even pay enough attention to the fact that I am Not allowed to drive, at the very same time that Donny is locked up, therefore I'm stuck in this house of Magick on this Magick Mountain.

And how about that Empath group I'm in ?? I've met and made some Awesome fucking friends. I have helped others open people's eyes and learn things about Life. One girl made a post about psychic attackers and how to protect yourself. It was a long one but well worth the read for the ones who needed it. There was one comment, which was from an older man across the World. I have seen him commenting on things I have also before. I commented next, I thanked her and asked her where she got her stone information because I didn't feel that some of them were placed in the proper category (protection or otherwise). The old man immediately emailed me. Told me a little about himself and how he heals others. I shared the same. He had me send him some pics of my back (clothes on) so that he could help me heal my back, gave me info on what kind of wood I need to carry (yes, wood heals also, tree hugging) and he told me that I was doing a great job and was on the right path, to carry on because I found a good guy for Love

Then we have my Gemini's. The ones who started a group only a few weeks before meeting me. They insisted I join them as moderator and they Love me. And of course I Love them. We have so much fun, you should join our group. We share information on Birth Charts to help you understand yours. We even have arguments about what each other shares, which is great. Everyone can see how differently we all view the World, even us Masters are still learning so this group gets to learn to understand each other more right along with us. It started as a group for Gemini's but we quickly realized how many others were joining us so that they could learn more about their Gemini's, so we changed it to Zodiac Alliance and talk about all astrology. FUN group....


More Magick, My Magic Tattoo Man shared this yesterday. He draws his pictures with pencil, from his dreams. I absolutely Believe this one was about Me and my Teratoma Tumor blocking My Magick

What about My Man ??? Ryan wants to know, he thinks I'm wrong. This Scorpio claims that just because I dream about this guy doesn't mean He is the One. Well, my dear Ryan, have you not read my stories about Him ??? Like how we met ?? That the Piano Man helped me block Boston while showing me what I was Really looking for in a Man physically. Shit, I met Piano Man and My Man at the same place. Spent 6 days and 5 nights locked up with them. Dreaming together, getting to know each other physically and spiritually, while showing each other just how Magickal we each were. Mike, the Piano Man was giving up Hope but then was so thankful to have met me, the one who cut her arms up to show humans how much words and thoughts hurt others. That week with Mike was Magickal and started a whole New kind of Love in this town.

Look how many humans have been talking about and selling items to ask for Archangel Michael's help. Coincidence that Piano Man is Mike and is helping me with this Scorpio ?? NO....Mike and I agreed on that....synchronocities. This boy Ryan doesn't but I am sure that he will soon. Just like Mike is finally Believing in Me and helping me now. I've been hearing about Archangel Michael and Magic Mike way too often for me not to Know that.

I've been listening to "Out of My League" by Fitz and The Tantrums. A song that I found while attending barber school and absolutely LOVE. I always Knew it had something to do with My Man. At first I thought it was Mike but 40 days didn't fit, Mike hadn't been in there that long, neither was I. But his twin, My Man Donnie, he was there 40 days when I left and was forced to go somewhere else. Somewhere that's going to take way longer than 40 days to get out off. A very haunted hospital which is next to a juvenile detention center, a very secured one with barbed wire fences. There's also a Homeless shelter called the Gatehouse nearby that's full of "skanks" right now, along with My Soul Sister, who is not a skank, My Aquarius Witch Brandi. Her house burned up so she's there right now, at the Gatehouse, same time as My Man. Hmmm....

There's also a very haunted spot next to this hospital. In a field where there use to be a house. High school kids know it and explore it. There was still a house there when I was in high school and went. But the Magician I awoke a year ago, the Aries hotty who took a copy of my birth chart book, told me that when he went there recently, the house was gone. But they were able to get in the basement still. So yeah, my Aries dog stayed while that Aries went exploring some more. My point ?? My Man has been forced to be locked up there, in this very haunted place. We met, we got to know each other physically and now he needs my help to get him out. And the title of this post, "Love Game" is to Him, Donnie. Remember, He and I watched Lady Gaga play at the Superbowl while we were locked up and forced to talk to our parents.....

So there my child Scorpio and Ryan.....is that enough reasons to Believe yet ??  I absolutely Know what I want: to "Feel This Moment," I want to continue making Healing Gifts for others, in This World, to spread My Healing Love while I wait for My Man to get released and we save Mother Earth. If not, too bad, I'm done writing for today. LOL

P.S. I forgot two other things that I'd like to mention, about how I Know He is the One. #1. When I meditate, astral project and sleep, I listen to my binural app or the one which allows me to listen to beach waves and thunderstorms at the same time. I only want to hear My Man's voice but Donnie didn't talk to me enough for me to memorize His voice therefore I know that I have to wait for Him to be here and listen to it for Real. #2. I'm obsessed with Twins, I want to have Twins and of all the guys I've met so far, He is the only one who can give me Twins

Carol Riley



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