“Listen to Your Heart”

10:32 pm What a trying couple days it has been. I don't understand why people have to be so negative and try to hurt others. Did you see the screenshot with the emails from some stranger. He emailed Mystic Starlite's page with some weird ass words. He didn't even make much sense. All I got from it was that he was blind to the Truth and would rather put someone down instead of just moving along. Seriously, if I check out a page and don't like what I see, I roll my eyes and move on. I would never, ever go out of my way to tell someone that I don't think they are happy. WTF asshole. Really not cool. It has been bothering me so much that I had to write another post.

I want to make it clear that that Scorpio Ryan was the one who sent me a friend request (which I declined immediately) and he was the one who emailed me first. Sure, I commented on his posts in a group, picking on him, but it was all in fun. He knew that and was trying to get in my pants for Real. He admitted that he had a thing for Witches and even tho his views on what a Witch is, are very misconstrued, he's actually a decent guy. Who was doing shit way wrong. I was more than happy to preach to him. Haha. I really hope I taught him something, pretty sure I did. I definitely want to share what our convo's basically consisted of, especially for those who don't use Facebook and want to see that dog with an arrow in his ass.....

Oh yes, once he told me that all my pics and stickers were annoying and that he would rather read my words, I dumped even more pics on him. HA. Mean, sure, maybe, but it's called tough love in this case. A must when dealing with Scorpio's. And c'mon, he told me many times from the very first night, that he was going to block me. I kept saying to go ahead.....but he didn't. Well, not for a few days anyway. Shit, I was sending him pics and stickers every time I felt him thinking about me. HA. So when I finally stopped and didn't message him for like 12 hours, he started bugging me, wanting to know if I was ok. HAHAHA. So really, he asked for it, I did not go after him and bug him like that asshole who did to Mystic Starlite. No, Ryan and I had a special connection. In fact, I bet we will be friends and hang out some day. Watch

There are signs everywhere for me that I am on the right path. I'm not sharing them all. They are for me. You have to look for your own. I will add a few things to my list for you. I pick my friend up at the Gatehouse often since it is such a negative place. I make sure to drive by that hospital where My Man is. I think about Him, talk to Him and blow Him kisses while staring at that hospital. I found out there is also a Donny at the Gatehouse. Wow. And then there's some things that some won't believe or just can't. First, when things fall over in this house, it means something. Today, one of my Magick hats for my twin flame, fell over. Oh yes, those pretty purple hats sit on my headboard, which is My Altar. They have been there for at least a year, mostly. I have put them away a few times only to miss them and get them back out. So.....after a year, one falls over....He is definitely going to be here soon. And there's that Aries I was talking about in my last post. The young hotty. Whom I've been thinking about at times and wondering how he is. He disappeared a little over a year ago. But today, I finally looked again after a couple months and he is back on Facebook. I sent him a message and said Hi. He said hi back. That's all. And he still looks fabulous.

Now, the most unbelievable clue for some, energy vampires. So many people still don't believe in this. Where oh where to begin with that subject ?? Well, my view of course. That we are all energy and share it. So, the ones who think negative and act negative, absolutely affect people. It is where Karma comes from. The passing frequency of energy. It is why those who believe good things will happen, do get those things. Even the assholes. They are mean, they hurt others, sending bad energy out that way....which comes from the ones they hurt, not themselves. They don't care at all about others, only themselves, which is why it does not affect them. Then you have the things people call Incubus or Succubus. Never heard of them ?? Go research yourself. Me....I believe they are souls, ones who astral project. Some know what they are doing but most don't. Oh yes. It is what happened to me with Boston. He thought about me so much, it affected me way too much. I was sick, I was weak and I had no idea that this could happen. But it did. So I could know first hand how awful it can be and learn how to help others. Was it worth it ?? NO. Maybe in 20 years I will think differently but I just can't accept that it had to take so long nor be so damn hard for me. Especially when I always knew who I was, what I wanted and how to stay happy. But I suppose that was part of it, I knew but I didn't tell. I was afraid to tell others nor did I know that it was going to be my career. I've always wanted to help others but never knew how.

AND guess what...as I am writing this, there is a convo going on in my astral group about this. AND.....someone else just said the same thing, we believe those "Incubus and Succubus are Real people or stalkers."   HIS words.....so HA

Anyway, energy vampires exist, Ryan was being a Succubus and he didn't even know it. He thought he was doing good for others. But I stopped that and hopefully he is learning more now so that he can be a good helper like he wants to be. So please, if you don't like what I have to say or what I believe in, please keep it to yourself and move along. We don't have to agree in order for us to care/love each other. Just don't hurt or hate or think about someone you shouldn't. Me, I'm going to Listen to My Heart and do what is best for me. And my heart is telling me that Donnie is the one so I'm going to continue to think about Him. Plus, all these signs are telling me that yes, he is definitely still in that hospital and thinking about me also. Blessed Be.

Carol Riley



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